Welcome on this reading, which will be giving you an answer by yes or no to your question. This free divination is using Petit Lenormand cards.

If you want a quick answer by yes or no, the reading itself has to be really fast, right? Well, this is exactly what we offer you here. The principle behind this divination is extremely simple, and it is said to be accurate by its numerous users in France and beyond. As far as we know, it is the first time that this specific yes/no reading with Petit Lenormand cards is available on the Internet in the English language.

This reading is totally automatic; this means that you will get your answer by simply clicking a button as the software will do all the required operations. The method used is based on card 25 of Petit Lenormand, which is called "The Ring", and is actually the Ace of Clubs in regular playing cards. Why is that? Because this card is associated, among other things, with luck and success.

The method used goes as follow: you shuffle and cut the cards, then you spread all of them one by one. The answer will be given by the position of The Ring; if this card is in the first 13 cards, the answer is a strong Yes, else it is No (or maybe).

Like we said, you can get your Yes/No answer by clicking the button at the bottom below. By doing so, the software will do all the work for you and then show you the card spread and the answer on the next page. If you want to doublecheck our software, we outlined The Ring with red, so it is easier to spot. If you want to see an example of this reading answering a question, just click here.

Before you proceed to the free reading, it is recommended that you take a few deep breaths, and then focus on your question. When you feel that you are ready, just go ahead and click the button to get your answer to that question. This is it. As easy as pie! Good luck, and enjoy!

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