You landed on this page without launching the reading Yes/No with Petit Lenormand cards. Here you will find a static page showing how the reading is done. To get you personal reading, please follow the link that you will find in the next paragraph.

Welcome to this page, where you will find the answer to your question by Yes or No. Remember that this reading is a divination based on the location of card 25 of Petit Lenormand (The Ring), which is surrounded by red so you can spot it more quickly. The starting page of this reading is located here.

Here are your Petit Lenormand Cards

Answer Yes/No to your question by Petit Lenormand cards

The Ring (card number 25 of Petit Lenormand, which corresponds to the Ace of Clubs in regular playing cards) is located at position 1 of your spread, therefore amongst the thirteen first cards drawn. This means that the answer to your question is a strong YES.

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