You landed on this page without drawing your cards for the Dog of Spades. What you will see here is a static page showing how the reading works. If you want a personal reading, please follow the link that you will find in the next paragraph.

Reminder: the page where you have to draw your cards is located here. This reading is generally used to obtain predictions for the near future (yours or the one for the person you are doing the reading for). This divination is based on five "master cards", which are the Jack of Spades, the Ace of Hearts, the 7 of Spades, 9 of Spades and the consultant card (you or another person).

Your personal reading of the Dog of Spades

The card in pair with the Jack of Spades means that something will happen suddenly and rapidly. A lady older than you, which is likely single or widow, might harm you or your reputation by trying to create discord between you and some neighbors or members of your family. The actions of this lady may be motivated by jealousy, but it is also possible that she is acting like so to get a revenge for something that you did not do.
The card paired with the Ace of Hearts refers to your home or your personal life. If you are a woman, you may soon meet a kind and vigorous young man, but you will find out that he is lacking reliability. In spite of this fact, he might become your lover. If you are a man, this young man may be a jovial but also thoughtless new friend.
The card associated with the 7 of Clubs is related to your present feelings or state of mind. A future event, which may be related to your work, will force you to demonstrate authority and to take firm decisions, in a way that you did not think possible before. You might have to take an exam, or to pass some sort of inspection.
The card paired with the consultant card (you or the person you are doing this reading for) represents a person or an event that will affect you directly. A person that have not seen for a long time (or a person that you did not know before) will suddenly enter your life and cause important changes. It is also possible that children (or persons younger than you) will be more important in your daily life, or at work.
The card next to the 9 of Clubs gives a prediction regarding your work or your daily occupation. Success and achievement are waiting for you, or new possibilities (professional as well as personal) will show up in your life.

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