You are very welcome to, where you will find free online card readings with a French touch. We will offer you readings using playing cards, Marseilles Tarot and Petit Lenormand Tarot (sometimes also known as "French cartomancy").

That may surprise you but, in France, the fortune tellers generally use a subset of the full 52-card deck called jeu de piquet in French. This deck is comprised of 32 playing cards ranging from the 7 to the Ace, for each of Clubs, Spades, Hearts and Diamonds. In other words, this deck can be simply obtained by withdrawing the 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s and 6s from a 52-card deck.

According to several authors and to her own books, Mademoiselle Lenormand (1772-1843) herself - like almost all fortune tellers and psychics at the time - used a 32-card deck for divination purposes. Sometimes, for specific readings, she would add four playing cards to get a 36-card deck. Yes, this is the same size as the now famous Petit Lenormand cards decks, but she didn't use these because they were "invented" after her death.

Of course, we will also offer you readings with Petit Lenormand Tarot or cards, which is just a part of cartomancy in France. Petit Lenormand cards are actually a sub-set of a 52-card deck, where the 2s, 3s, 4s and 5s have been removed, but they have specific names and are numbered. Regarding Grand Lenomand cards, they are a modified complete 54-card deck ok playing cards, with the jokers replaced by two cards representing a man and a woman.

As for the Tarot cards, we will use one of the oldest and most renowned, that is Marseilles Tarot.

One interesting (if not unique) feature of most of our card readings resides in the ability to directly access your readings and their interpretations via the addresses of the pages (also known as URLs). This means that, by saving the address of the interpretation pages, you can reload your readings (with your personal spreads and meanings) at any later time. This also means that if you send that specific address to a friend or a family member (or to your lover), they will be able to see the exact same page as you. Great, isn't it? But maybe you will choose not to share such a personal matter...

Featured Free Reading

This free reading, called Mademoiselle Lenormand Perfect Oracle, is based on a 36-card deck used in conjunction with a 36-square divinatory board, and gives a very comprehensive and detailed interpretation of your spread. Please, click the image on the left to get started with your reading now.
This free divination is based on the card 25 (The Ring) of the Petit Lenormand tarot. To get an answer by yes or no, simply click on a button to shuffle and cut your cards. The answer itself is given by the position of card 25 in the spread. If it is in the first 13 cards, then it is yes, otherwise it is no (or maybe). As simple as pie! Please, click the image on the left to get your answer now.
Called Dog of Spades, this free card reading offers short-term predictions to you or another person of your choice. This divinatory game covers several aspects of your life: really short-term event, surprise, work, home, etc. You may use it daily, if you wish so. We do. Just click on the image on the left to start your free reading.

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